Smithklin Beecham

Ed Christiansen, regional VP of this Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company

“Over the years I have heard dozens of speakers from around the country but Jack Zufelt’s presentation was the best I have ever heard. Our overall sales increased and some of our sales people have really excelled as a result of Jack’s powerful concept. His two-hour speech on core desires was one of the best. Thank you for an outstanding program! Six months later our team is still talking about him.”

Community First Bankshares, Inc.

Don Mengadoth, President and CEO of this 2 billion dollar company

“Jacks message was so valuable and life changing to me personally that I hired him to bring his message to our company. I subsequently bought 50 sets of his audio program for our top management.”

National Guard

Sergeant Major Kenneth B. Moss

“You were perfect for our recruiters from our six state region and Guam! I have recommended you to national headquarters because I know that everyone in the National Guard needs your message.”

Nikon Inc.

David Lee, National Field Sales Manager

“You were exactly what we needed and wanted. I am very, very pleased at what our sales organization got from you. The way you interact with the audience is fantastic.”

Whirlpool Kitchens

Jim Hansfort

“Four months after Jack spent just two hours with the sales force: “Our sales force has increased their productivity by approximately 50%. You did a fantastic job and I would recommend you to any company.”

DSA Canada

(Direct Sales Association) Paul Theriault, President

“You were a hit with all the corporate executives at our national convention! We will have you back.”


Robert Cortino, VP of this Fortune 500 company

“Your presentation to our 100% club was tremendous! Your message fits everyone. I particularly liked the way you involved the audience.”

National Kitchen & Bath Association

Linda Schoenwald, Director of conferences

“You promised results and I must say you delivered far above expectations. I was amazed to see how audience responded to you. All associations should have you speak for them at their conventions.”

Farmers Insurance

Everett Ostrum, Division Marketing Mgr.

“You were excellent. I got nothing but great feedback from the 400 agents who attended out Agency Management Seminar in May. Thank you for doing such a good job in helping our meeting be one of our best.”

Global Relationship Centers

Bill Reidler, President

“I saw a 500% increase in the recruiting of attendees to our courses within two weeks of your presentation. I have never seen such immediate results from one two hour presentation.


Doris Wood, President of this International Organization with offices all over the world

“Your concept is new and different. Every company in our industry should have you bring your message to their people.”


Pat Bybee, President

“Your speech was a highlight of our national convention and helped make it a huge success. You definitely wowed the audience!


Tom Banks, President

“I hoped and believed you would be good. Your presentation was way beyond good. You touched every one there in a way that I could never have imagined. We will have you back.”